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What is the difference between each Plan Set?

If you have visited the modFLOOR PLAN website before, you may be asking why there are three plan types for each particular plan set.

For example, if you navigate to PLAN 001, you will see the following:

We are here to help explain.

We offer three sets of plans depending on your project needs. Study PDF Set, Full PDF Set, and Full

CAD set.

Here is the break down of what is offered with each set.


Are you just looking for ideas? The Study Set is meant to give you a glimpse of the basic floor plan and elevations of a particular design.

If you intend to build a home from a set of plans, you will need to purchase either the Full PDF Set or the Full CAD Set.

Here is what is included in the Study Set:

Drawn to 1/4" scale

Floor Plans of each level with overall dimensions

Elevations with overall dimensions

3d renderings

In general, a Study PDF will included 5-8 pages


The Full PDF Set is much more developed than the Study Set. While you will still need have the set completed by a design professional, the intent is to accelerate the process while also significantly reducing the design process cost.

To learn more, please read our FAQ and Terms, Policy & Conditions sections.

Here is what is included in the Full PDF Set:

Drawn to 1/4" scale

Cover sheet

Floor plans of each level

Roof plan

Elevation views of minimum (4) sides

Two section views

Basic building details

Basic Schedules & Specifications

Pleae note, the purchaser of the plans will need to choose all final specifications & finishes.

Schematic electrical plans

Schematic foundation plans

Schematic structural plans

In general, a Full PDF will included 10-14 pages


The Full CAD Set includes all drawings from the Full PDF Set above but is provided in both PDF and CAD formats. The intent of this set is again to accelerate the design process while also reduce design costs.

Here are some specifics of the CAD set:

The CAD set will be sent electronially as a .dxf CAD file. This a two dimensional drawing format that most design professionals can use or convert to use in their preferred drafting program. Consult with your design professionals as to which drawing format they can use.

The .dxf file is produced to allow your design professional to make alterations to the plans as you see fit.

Drawn to 1/4" scale

Thanks for reading. We hope this will help clarify the various plan type options on the modFLOOR PLAN site. Stay tuned for the next blog post.

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